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Self-care is essential to everyday living. When you care for your health, safety, and wellbeing, you cultivate a happier you at every stage of your life. At Yukazan, we are all about being your reliable companion on your self-care journey. We understand the value of putting your wellbeing first, so, every product that we innovate has your overall happiness and peace of mind at the forefront of our mission.

We create premium self-care solutions that truly fit your needs to love and safeguard yourselves better. Our products are crafted and curated with utmost care to create the perfect balance of functionality, comfort, and style for everyday wellbeing. This means getting every detail right using the best standard and technology for a seamless everyday experience that elevates your wellbeing.

Let’s kickstart your self-care journey with Yukazan today!

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Relieve symptoms with Yukazan Patches

Innovative drug-free patches, made for sensitive skins

Flu Relief

Relief flu, blocked nose, stuffy nose, infused with Eucalyptus Oil from U.K.

Oral Ulcer Patch

Made from plant extracts to protect and fasten healing process of oral ulcers.

Cough Relief

Relieve cough instantly with 5 herbal extracts. Reduce phlegm naturally.

Fevercare Cool Gel

With cooling capsules and 80% water content for instant coooling effect.

Natural Supplements

Patented ingredients. Registered & approved by Malaysia Health Authority

Vit Tomato+

Increase 35% moisture & skin brightening

Slimz Fit

Made from ChitoGlucan™, patented fat burner and carb blocker

Beauté Slzzp

Natural Lavender extracts to improve quality sleep

Yukazan Derma

Formulated in Japan, made for sensitive skin.

UV Defence

SPF 50+ and Block UVA & UVB.

Face & Bodywash

Hydrate with soap free formula.

Acne & Pore Series

Reduce acne in 7 days.

Your Everyday Home Spa Indulgence

Relaxing & Refreshing bath can help you unwind after a long day.

95% Rejuvenate Shower Oil

Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain to relax, refresh and renew with aromatherapy essential oils for your body

Essential Oil Body Wash

A natural & essential oil-infused body wash that provides a rich cleansing and aromatic spa experience

English Pear Body Wash

Parfum body wash to keep you refreshing for all day long

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